Blessing's Journey  
Blessing was already 'checked-in' to the high-kill shelter in San Bernardino, California on September 20, 2009. Her owners brought her to the shelter because they moved and could not take Blessing with them. This is all too common right now due to the poor economy. Blessing is only 2 years old. She has deformities to her front legs, nose, tail, shoulders and she's polydactyl in the back. These birth defects don't seem to bother Blessing one bit. She gets around just fine. It's sad to watch her walk though, but she doesn't know any different. She just likes to play and receive attention. She'll drop and roll for lots of tummy rubs. Because there have been so many people involved in Blessing's little journey to Oregon, I have made a diary of her trip.

September 20 Blessing is booked into the high kill shelter.

September 22 Mary, a Pediatric Ortho Nurse, heard about Blessing from the yahoo group disabled cats. People were pleading on her behalf to get her out of the very high kill shelter. Mary put the call in to the shelter to place Blessing an adoption hold. She immediately applied with www.OperationRoger.com to get her a ride. OperationRoger is an organization of long haul big rig drivers, that volunteer to transport animals in their trucks. Basically, it started with Hurricane Katrina. Mary is given great news, she can get Blessing out of California, but the wait may be anywhere from 2 days to 30 days with the long haul drivers. Not wanting Blessing to wait this long, she continues looking for transport. The shelter informed Mary they could only hold her a week.   Mary frantically put out emails to every transport group she could find.  That's when she learns of an animal rescue transport named roadsofhope.org and contacts them immediately.

About Mary: Mary is a Pediatric Ortho Nurse, who adopted two girls from China as a single mom. Her youngest lost her leg in China in a trauma as an infant. She loves the special needs and has been searching a long time for cat with disabilities.

September 25 I received an urgent email from Kathy Leichtle (www.RidgebackRescue.org) Kathy has been volunteering with OperationRoger for a few years now and learned about Mary's need to transport Blessing and especially get Blessing out of the shelter. Unfortunately, Kathy was going out of town and could not help Mary until a few more days. I was asked to help. I called Mary in Oregon and we discussed our next plan of action. Mary called the shelter, paid for the adoption with credit card and told them I would be there the following day to pick-up Blessing.

September 26 Yahooo!! Blessing was now in my car (along with two puppies from the shelter that a rescue friend (Cindy Kreeger) and I intervened during an attempted surrender. Blessing was a big hit with the shelter staff and they were so happy to see Blessing adopted! Now it's rest time in my spare bathroom and Clavamox for Blessing's upper-respiratory.

September 27 Blessing's upper-respiratory is getting a little worse. Her temperature reached 104.5. Her spirits were up and she had a good appetite. I crossed my fingers that her fever would break in the morning. Mary has been in contact with Cheryl, founder of www.roadsofhope.org There is now a tentative booking for a flight out of LaVerne, California 7am Sunday. This means a Health Certificate is needed. I phone my vet to set an appointment for next Wednesday, hoping Blessing will recover from her upper-respiratory and pass her Health check.

September 28 Temperature down to 102.5. She looks a little better. Her nose is less red, but she is now sneezing. Blessing is such a trouper. She has the cutest face and loves to make eye contact. Even though she was sick, she still had a great appetite and stayed hydrated. Mary and I have been in contact via email and telephone every day.

September 30 Blessing's health check. Good news and bad news. Good news -- She passed her physical and received her required Health Certificate. Bad news -- her combo test came back positive for Feline Aids Virus (FIV). Prior to the test, Mary already told me she would take Blessing even if her test came back positive. The 1st pilot, Ken Clayton, has requested a 'flexible' carrier because Blessing will ride on the lap of the co-pilot. Gena from www.genasfriendsforfelines.com has donated a soft-sided carrier for Blessing's trip.

October 1 Blessing's cute little flat nose is no longer dark pink from her illness. She now has a normal pink nose. A little set-back with the flight plans. The 2nd pilot (this is a split flight between two pilots) cannot fly the 2nd part of the trip. Cheryl, of roadsofhope.org is looking for a replacement pilot. We are all crossing our fingers that Blessing does not miss this opportunity on Sunday.

October 2 Blessing's big picture day today. Diane Rhodes, reporter for our local paper Press Enterprise, came out today to do a story on this wonderful undertaking. Diane, a big animal lover herself, took pictures and notes. Blessing is going to be a star, well at least for a day.

October 3 My last day to spend with Blessing. I had to withhold food tonight and boy she did not like that at all. I could hear Blessing crying out in the spare bathroom. She was probably saying 'hey.... where's my favorite chicken stew I've been getting every night'. I took a few videos that I will try to get posted to this site. I will miss her terribly. Thank goodness Mary and I are in contact so that I will keep updated on Blessing's vet visits and health. What a wonderful cat and how lucky she is to have Mary as her new mom.

October 4 Flight day! A small struggle to get Blessing inside her small carrier this morning. Pilot Ken's passenger, Chris, will be holding Blessing on his lap, so the smaller the carrier the better. I opted for a hard carrier, rather than soft.  I was a little worried about having dogs on this small plane with Blessing.  We arrived at La Verne's Brackett Airport 7:00 am. Donna was already there with the two shelter dogs she so kindly volunteered to foster for the evening. The Rottweiler was loaded first - into the baggage area, nice and cozy. The Neo-Mastiff was loaded next into the back seat. Lastly, Blessing was brought on-board. Skies are cloudy. Not sure if this trip will complete to Oregon today because of bad weather going east.

October 5 Blessing made it as far as Redding yesterday. The weather did not cooperate. Blessing is now staying with fosters John and Bate Zakrzewski until the next flight available.

October 7 The pilots are back in the air with all furry friends. Blessing has made it to her final destination. Mary and family waited at the airport for Blessing's arrival - teary eyed of course. I spoke with Mary tonight and Blessing has settled in to her bedroom and will be sleeping with one of Mary's daughters. Pics are coming soon.


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